Global Malware Destruction!

Please read this if you want to live, lol j/k!

Global Malware Destruction! - Please read this if you want to live, lol j/k!

Damnit! Go Away!

So the most recent development I’ve had in my newly started career of helping people deal with malware is a website called

remove spns adware

This website is considered a hijacker as well as adware. The reason I ran into this crappy little website is my roommate at school here and I were talking last night about my new blog and how I was writing about malware to go along with my computer science studies. She got all excited and decided to tell me about her little problem with her browser when she starts using the internet.

Just so happens that it goes directly to this page, which then proceeds to shove ads in her face left and right as she’s using the internet.

Since I had just opened up about my new blog and how I helped my dad with cryptowall, see post here. She decided it was safe to ask me for my help to get rid of

We talked about it for a minute and I told her to show me her laptop.

It didn’t take long for me to verify her story as truth. Everytime the browser opened on her computer, no matter which one, internet explorer, chrome or firefox, it was redirecting straight to

I figured the least I could do is help her get rid of it since its a fairly straightforward process.

Step 1.

This guide is for the slightly computer literate, if you’re looking for something more thorough click the link above for “” and you will get more detailed step by step directions.

*Navigate to the start menu, control panel, add/remove programs and uninstall the program rotatemyads.exe.

Step 2.

Restart your computer, then go into each of your browsers and reset the settings to default. This will cause you to lose all the passwords and logins you have saved in there so make sure you know what you’re losing before you do it.

Step 3.

Download and install malwarebytes antimalware software on your computer because thats going to protect you from having this infect you again. Its an easy and free piece of software and in fact only costs like 15$ if you want to buy the premium version which provides more protection.

Hopefully this helps people with their issues! I know my roommate was pretty psyched when she saw she wouldn’t have to deal with that *&%*@ redirecting here to its homepage all the time!


Cryptowall – The Silent Thief!

There has  been a lot of hubub lately, ladies and gentlemen of the online community, about CRYPTOWALL. This threat has recently surfaced in a 2.0 version as well and is back badder than ever to take users  money.

cryptowall virus

This is what the cryptowall virus looks like AFTER you have been infected and it is already demanding money from you!

Why do you want to start your blog with a post about the cryptowall virus Darlene?

Well peeps, we’re starting with cryptowall because my dad had it take over his computer and its a son of a gunnnn to get rid of.

The best way I’ve found to get rid of Cryptowall is at a site called, you can check out their in depth post about the cryptowall virus by clicking on the cryptowall link.

I followed their guide step by step to deal with my dads issue and I succesfully got rid of cryptowall.

However, I digress. I am here to tell you about what cryptowall is.

What is Cryptowall?

Cryptowall is ransomware.

Well what the heck is Ransomware Darlene?

Peeps, I’m telling you, settle down and you’ll get your answers.

Ransomware is a type of malware in which the virus takes over the unsuspecting users pc and locks up certain files on the users pc that could be very valuable, it encrypts them and locks it up with an RSA code, (click the link for more information) and it then requires you to pay money to the creators of the software or it will never unlock your files.

How do you get cryptowall?

These types of programs are maliciously delivered to you in a pay per install system in which the software creator pays to have his software added on to other legitimate software when it is installed on your computer. Other ways in which cryptowall is delivered to your pc is, for example, when your dad clicks on that link in that random email from someone he didnt know and all the sudden his computer is completely locked up and wants him to give it dinero! ugh! Dad! You could also end up with this virus from visiting certain websites that will infect you.

How can you protect yourself?

The easiest way to protect yourself is to unplug your computer from the internet and NEVER get online AGAIN! HAHA :)

Just kidding, you need to be more careful when opening emails, checking websites, and installing software. You must read everything carefully and especially with emails never open attachments from random strange emails that are sent to you. Also never click on links in emails, unless they are from people you trust. Also be aware that if an email seems suspicious, do not open it, emails can be hacked and malware creators can use your friends email and send you something, then you click on it and BOOM, its asking you for money again!

I like to also suggest to people that they get malwarebytes antimalware, or perhaps AVG security, both of which offer a free antivirus/antimalware program that can potentially protect you from these threats in the future.

I’ll write another post on the best antivirus software sometime in the future, for now I just had to vent about this little experience with CRYPTOWALL!